Market Analysis
Providing in deep payments markets analysis and research according to your special requests, including but not limited to: issuing, acquiring, PSP/Aggregation, e-commerce, P2P, processing, regulations and ect.
Bids Preparations
Providing assistance in bids preparation and participation, including but not limited to: giving to you clear bid documents understanding and check translation of your bidding documents, follow up all steps of the bidding procedure, including language support of clarification communications.
European Market Analysis
Providing you with in deep European payments market analysis according to you special request via the European Payments Consulting Association network covering UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Baltics States
Financial Analysis
Providing financial and business modelling services based on market data to evaluate ROI/Break even for your projects
Representation of Your Company
Providing you with local representation when you are at the beginning stage of business development to optimize your expenses on local full time representative/office and thus exclude these costs from your local P&L keeping the best prices for market entry.
Meetings Arrangements
Providing you with meetings arrangement with Banks/PS/PSP and other payments market players in the European countries to give you direct access to your potential customers.

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